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In 2005 the art history department of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf (HHU) initiated the art research database that contains data about the key-actors of the international contemporary art scene: exhibitions, persons (artists, curators etc.) and institutions (museums, galleries etc.). This database was developed into a novel information system to provide the innovative research tool artxpertise. Scientists at universities and museums, who are interested in the developments, connections and networking within the international art world, can query highly cross-linked information on this platform. The sustainable technology allows quick and complex searches. Furthermore artxpertise offers the specially developed system architecture to the international science community. Art historians, sociologist or economists can design and manage their own research questions, data material and analysis by using the artxpertise structure.

artxpertise contains currently about
33.000 exhibitions
20.000 persons
8.000 institutions
together with a lot of further details like art awards, academies and scholarships

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